La Luna Dance Center
This is the place where all dance classes of the camp happen, headquarter of the association organizer of the festival. La Luna Dance Center a.s.d. is a no profit association funded in 1985 that deals with dance and art at 360 degrees. Hundreds of people visit it and support it every year with love: children, adults and international artists. The work includes a number of cultural projects, every style and every level dance classes, shows, performances, lectures, international workshops, scholarships, cultural exchanges, campus, full-time programs, festivals and much more. Among the local partners: Comune di Ancona, Liceo Rinaldini, Istituto Podesti-Onesti, Marche Theatre, InTeatro Festival; among the international partners: Folkwang University (Essen), Broadway Dance Center (New York), Peridance (New York), Alvin Ailey School (New York), Dance Theatre USA (New York), Edge Dance Center (Los Angeles), Dance Masterclass (Seville), UniTanz (Lecce), South & Broadway (Catania), Dance Festival in Palermo. These partnerships, the quality of classes by resident teachers, as well as the collaboration with several dancers of the Pina Bausch company, make La Luna an updating destination for students and teachers from other national dance schools, as well, at the summer camp of the Conero Dance Festival, a meeting place for dance students from the USA, Argentina, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, Germany, France, Russia, Scotland, Switzerland, Romania, Spain. The headquarters of the association was founded in the Multipurpose Center “Panettone” of Ancona, in the recovery of a public space for 1.100mq for years in a state of semi-abandonment. Thanks to a concession contract with the City of Ancona, La Luna Dance Center asd has made at his own expense a unique dance center, redesigning spaces thinking to all the student-dancer needs: 5 dance studios, cinema room, indoor and outdoor relax area, courtyard area for outdoor classes, free wifi, internet point. The international character of the activities has also allowed the dancetheatre collective Luna Dance Theatre choreographed by Simona Ficosecco to perform several times in New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn), Virginia, as well as in Palermo, Pescara, Civitanova and other Italian cities. Very important is also the social commitment that the Association La Luna Dance Center has been making during all these years, by organizing fundraisers for organizations such as Children’s Hospital “Salesi”, Oncology Institute of Marche, Unicef, Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, ActionAid International as well as its collaborations with the Social Services of the City of Ancona to allow application to the activities each year free of charge to children living in difficult social-economic conditions.
Mole Vantitelliana
On stage in its central courtyard there is the final Gala of the first camp week and in its indoor spaces in Mole take place the Ancona Art Salon and the annual lecture dedicated to dance. The building is on a pentagonal artificial island located in the port of the city; It is connected to the mainland by three bridges, and occupies an area of 20,000 m²; the canal that separates it from the mainland is called “Mandracchio”. Originally Mole was reached only by boats; water supply was ensured by a network of underground tanks. The water drew through three wells, located in the small neoclassical temple dedicated to San Rocco at the center of the courtyard. The site could accommodate up to 2,000 people, in addition to a large amount of goods. On the inside of the building are the rooms of the actual Lazzaretto, where people were kept for quarantine, while the rooms in the outer part were used as storage. Offshore the Lazzaretto is equipped with a ravelin, designed for the military defense of the port. So since its construction it is a multipurpose facility: port warehouse, place of quarantine, fortification. Today hosts many cultural events such as plays, concerts, lectures and art exhibitions, as well as being home to the Omero Museum.
On the upper floor of the building that everyone calls “Panettone” there is a theater where take place shows and performances of the festival. Teatro Panettone consists of an auditorium in the shape of greek amphitheater with a completely new stage covered with wood, black backdrop, does not have a curtain and that juts out into the audience, with a usable area of 100 square meters. As technical equipment there is a sound system (mixer, amplifier and speakers), and a lighting system. The theater also has two dressing rooms with mirrors and sockets, toilets available to actors and other toilets available to the public. It has seats for 320 people, although in the case of shows with an expected audience of more than 99 spectators, for safety reasons, the presence of the Fire Department is required. The theater management is organized by Gruppo Teatrale Recremisi who has renovated the space.
Piazza del Papa
Piazza del Plebiscito, also known as Piazza del Papa, is the place where occur all special priced dinners for the students and teachers of the camp and it’s where the final performance of the camp Contemporary program is done. Along Piazza della Repubblica (del Teatro), Piazza Roma, and Piazza Cavour, it is one of the four main squares of Ancona. Among them is the oldest: it was opened in the fifteenth century; until the expansion town, just after the unity of Italy, it was the city’s central square, the “big square” where the borders of three neighborhoods met: Porto, Capodimonte and San Pietro. Today it’s the center San Pietro’s neighborhood. Its shape is unique: very elongated rectangular; also particular is the fact that includes different levels, connected by two ramps and stairways. On the upper part the overlook of some of the most important monuments: the Government Palace, with its tower, the church of San Domenico and the statue of Clement XII, the pope who, novel Trajan, was responsible for the rebirth of the port in the eighteenth century, stands in the middle shelf of the square.