Paolo Swift

Break Dance

Founder of the Groovin ‘Brothers at La Luna Dance Center, Paolo is one of the absolute references about the spread of breaking in the Ancona area where he formed most of the bboys in circulation dictating an original style, for breaking as well as for aerosol writing and djing. Many years of Hip Hop, choreographer and dancer. Mind, body and soul … Breakin ‘became an integral part of my life: 1987: “La Luna Ballerina”, the motherhouse of all the b-boys of Ancona, welcomes me as a student under the guidance of the legendary Zulu Crew … Years of experience and culture shape my initial path. Immediately a lover of vinyls, beats and breakin’ they continued at the same pace.1996: After an initial training period, the long-lived collaboration with Simona Ficosecco and Cristiano Marcelli, managers of the La Luna Dance Center began. 17 years of development and training, knowledge and situations … Driver of a tortuous and difficult path, aware of the commitment to the new generations, I deal with transmitting the key essence of a b-boy, the “taste” (in addition to the techniques Basic). A style that starts from the knowledge of one’s own culture, dance, music and (re) evaluation of the original pioneers. Thanks to a total alchemy (personal and artistic) with Simona & Cristiano, a symbolic style of our city comes to life. My devotion to Hip Hop allows me to channel the stages of development of a constantly evolving city world. The energies flow into a single point: b-boys, writers. Dj’s and Mc’s come together under a single large base. A unique something is born that involves many people: friendship, feeling and passion lay the foundations of our ideology. A shower of informations invests us, drawing a long, timeless journey. Fluidity, speed and circular development are the components of my dance style. The predisposition to directing and assembling music and sounds has allowed me to evolve ever more elaborate choreographic designs over time. Attention to detail blends into each element. 100% b-boy. Touching people with their art is the key to access …
Originality is the key.