Federica Eusebi

House Dance

She began dancing modern jazz at the age of 14 at the Performance gym in Ancona with Baby Shaw and continued his studies with choreographers such as Lino Lancione, Franco Bellani, Simona Lisi, attending workshops with Silvio Oddi, Virgilio Pitzalis and Steve La Chance. The first real encounter with hip hop culture and dance dates back to the year 1999, when she began to study with the dancer and choreographer Philippe Lesdema and with whom she continued her studies until 2003, participating in shows, showcases and competitions. In 2003 she began to attend new style hip hop courses with the teachers Roberta Alesi and Gianni Zabaglia and in 2004 she joined the teaching staff of the Axè Ancona association. She attended the “Mc Hip Hop School” organized by Cruisin in Modena for a period of 3 years, graduating as Mc Hip Hop Instructor. She attends the breakin course by the teacher Denis di Pasqua, graduating as a breakin instructor. She attended the course of Lockin and Poppin of Cruisin for a year in Modena held by Kris and Swan teachers. She continues her career at Cruisin’s Hip Hop Hdemy in Reggio Emilia and Modena, whose courses are taught by teachers such as Marisa Ragazzo, Omid Ighani, Alessia Gatta and guest teachers such as Brooklyn Terry, Laure Courtellement, Byron, Hollywood, Dominique Lesdema, with whom she studies old and new style, House, Videodance, Vogueing, Hype, Fusion. Join the Maddolls Crew, an Ancona group of 5 girls who participate in shows and competitions and with which they achieved good results and placements. Since 2011 she has been a member of the Axè association’s board of directors and holds Hip Hop New Style courses in the intermediate and advanced classes. In 2013 she attended the course for Hip Hop and House Dance teachers in Pescara with the I.D.A. graduating as a teacher. In 2013 she creates a choreographic workshop of 6 elements with other teachers from the Axè school, participating in various competitions and accessing the international final of the UISP exhibitions to be held at the Milan Dance Expo. This project evolves into a real crew named “Axè Family” which in 2014 won 2nd place in the Ida Crew Competition and which today represents the school in local and national events. In 2014 she created the group “Petites Axè Crew” under the choreographic direction of the teacher M. Virgina Pagnoni, formed by elements under 13 selected within the school. By participating in competitions and showcases, it gets good placements, such as the 3rd place in the Club vs Club Rimini Wellness 2014 for children category. Since 2014 she has been attending the Modulo Factory school at the Dancehaus in Milan (Hip Hop, Old School Technique, Floorwork, Contamination, Videodance, House, Heels, Lockin, Poppin). Today she is the artistic director of the Axè dance area; she teaches Hip Hop, Heels and House, as well as being a choreographer of the Axè Family Crew. It organizes events and shows for the school, collaborates with the local hip hop scene, actively participating in it, with the aim of spreading the knowledge of urban dances in the area.