Eddie Stockton

Teacher of great professionalism and artistic maturity at The Alvin Ailey School in New York, he has been transmitting the acquired techniques and his personal aptitude for dance to his students for many years with decision and intelligence.
Dancer, instructor, choreographer, Eddie Stockton has been a Jazz instructor for more than ten years at The Alvin Ailey School in New York. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he received his education at NYC’s High School of Perorming Arts and later studied Musical Theater at Howard University in Washington, DC. The Ailey School, Martha Graham and Bernice Johnson are other schools where she studied by expanding her preparation. At 17, Eddie first joined a company, the (NJ) Center Dance Collective and later worked with artists and companies such as Kevin Lega Jeff, George Faison, Philadanco, Milton Myers, Desmond Richardson & Dwight Rhoden, Nathan Trice, DC Shakespeare Theater, Nai-ni Chen Dance Co., Purelements, Tino Sehgal, Bill T. Jones and others. Without forgetting its roots, it also teaches Jazz, Modern, Classic and House Dance for the Purelements school in Brooklyn, as well as in public schools in the city. His choreography consists of working with Jazz and Contemporary Modern. Eddie has worked in Philadelphia (Danco II), Guadalupe (Academie de Danse), Vanne, France (YAQ’EL), Michigan (HOPE College) and most recently at home in New York with Aseid and Purelements. Not being a one-dimensional artist, Eddie is also a part time DJ in the underground club scene in New York, lending his collection of various musical styles, contagious rhythms and rhythms to his lessons and choreography. Some of his original compositions have been used in Peter McCoy Tanz’s “A Beautiful Compromise” (Munich, 2011). 2010 marked the start of a new collaboration in Germany and Europe, of which Eddie has been a frequent visitor since that year. In 2009 Eddie was invited to Florence (Italy) as judge of the annual Expression International Dance Challenge. In 2013 he returned to Italy, this time to Ancona, for a workshop and a collaboration with La Luna Dance Center. He continues to travel and teach and at the same time completes his commitments at home, grateful for all the opportunities he has obtained.